Welcome to my Vanderslice genealogy site.

I am a Vanderslice and began work on my family tree focusing primarily on my direct line of Vanderslice relatives. My work is outlined on this site. I periodically add to this site and would welcome any additional branches that directly ties into this branch of the Vanderslice family.

Along the way I’ve also accumulated and included Vanderslice history and information and will post those on the site as I’m able. If you have any comments or corrections or wish to contribute, please contact me. Thanks!

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Larry Vanderslice: Born 1942
Raymond Vanderslice: 1915 – 1972
Charles Vanderslice: 1885 – 1946?
William Vanderslice: 1855 – Unknown
Aaron Vanderslice: 1833 – 1863

History of Vanderslice Name

The name is found spelled in various ways: Van der Sleiz, Van der Sluissen, Va der Sluiss, Vander Sluyse, Vanderschleissen, and Vander Sloich. The first one of that name in the Colonies, signed his will Reijner Vander Sluyse. When the name was changed to Vanderslice is not known, but in Rupp’s Collection of 30,000 Names of Immigrants in Pennsylvania, he says: “Hannes Reinhart Van der Sluys, jetz Vanderslice.” See more under Origins tab.

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